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Zello is a Push-to-talk app, like a digital Walkie-talkie.  Because only one person can talk at a time, it takes a bit of getting used to but it comes with a few benefits.

  • Good voice quality on every call.  On most messengers, if you have poor data quality the quality of your voice call suffers.  Because Zello has only one person speaking at a time, it can dynamically buffer and adjust play-back at the receiver’s end, so a poor quality line now means a slight delay before you hear the other caller’s message, but the voice quality is usually still clear.
  • Zello treats each talk snippet (person A saying something to person B) as a voice message and stores them in your history, so you can replay a conversation from the history tab.  Really handy if you missed something in the conversation or somebody said something whilst you were away from your phone and you want to play it back.  It is possible for there to be dropouts in a Zello call if the data rate drops suddenly when somebody is speaking, but the playback from history is always clear, even if it was garbled during the actual conversation.

I originally downloaded Zello to use with the people whose messenger conversations were often unclear and hard to understand.  Because of it’s simplicity, it’s now my preferred messenger, even for people on good quality connections.

I now use other messengers only if I need video or the other person doesn’t have Zello.


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