Precious Metal Spot Prices

This page has up-to-date gold and silver prices using the Gold Price plug-in for WordPress.  These prices are easily readable and importable as text (so useful as a data import for Excel).

Note that the U.S. prices are probably accurate but spot prices in all other currencies will be converted using averaged exchange rates (mid point between the banks’ buy and sell rates)  so will likely be lower than the spot rates you’ll see from a precious metals dealer in your country.


New Zealand Dollars

GoldUSD 1,580.90   per Ounce
SilverUSD 13.81   per Ounce
Apr 01 2020 13:44 EST


United States Dollars

GoldNZD 2,671.50
SilverNZD 23.33
Apr 01 2020 13:44 EST


Australian Dollars

GoldAUD 2,603.50
SilverAUD 22.74
PlatinumAUD 1,168.20
PalladiumAUD 3,532.80
Apr 01 2020 13:44 EST


Pound Sterling

GoldGBP 1,276.90
SilverGBP 11.15
PlatinumGBP 572.90
PalladiumGBP 1,732.70
Apr 01 2020 13:44 EST



GoldEUR 1,448.60
SilverEUR 12.65
Apr 01 2020 13:44 EST