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The articles below relate to the Sony Xperia SP mobile phone. This phone was released in April 2013 and the last Sony Android release was 4.3 (Jellybean). In 2019, many apps will no longer run on Android Jellybean, so this section includes articles on how to upgrade to non-Sony firmware releases of Android to extend the useful life of this phone.

Although there are functioning versions of Android Oreo available (including AOSP and AEX), my preference is for the StryFlex version of Marshmallow as it keeps much of the Sony interface that I like, without the bloat of the bundled apps.


Upgrade Xperia SP to AEX Oreo

This procedure shows how to install AEX (AOSP Extended) Oreo onto your Xperia SP. It assumes that: Your phone is rooted You have TWRP installed in your boot partition You have taken a backup...


Reinstall stock firmware on a Sony Xperia SP

This is a checklist for reinstalling Sony firmware on the Sony Xperia SP (Huashan) Android phone – model C5303.  Much of this guide will work for other Xperia SP models but I have only...