Managing email forwarding at Godaddy

The main purpose of this post is to provide the direct link to the web page at Godaddy where you can edit and manage email forwarding rules for your domain and to give a brief overview of the concept of email forwarding.

Find the Workspace Control Centre

Creating and deleting email forwarding rules at Godaddy is done in the Workspace Control Centre.  Logon using whichever Godaddy account corresponds to the domain email addresses you want to edit.

Email forwarding concepts

If you already know about email forwarding and catchall accounts then you can skip this section.  If you’d like to find out more about these concepts, click on either of the bullets below to read more.

Email forwarding rules versus email accounts (mailboxes)

Most people are familiar with having web based email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo etc) that store your email and allow you to write and read your email.

Forwarding rules are not a full email service; they’re simply redirections that you can create on a domain to forward email to a real mailbox.  Say your name is Frank and you have a business domain called  You want to create a business email address but don’t want to check 2 different email accounts.  You could create a forwarding rule called [email protected] to forward email to your personal email address [email protected]  You could also create other rules, such as [email protected] and [email protected] and forward these to your personal email address.  Email to any of these email addresses at would now redirect to your personal email.  Configuring your email client to  send email from is another story, which we won’t cover here.

Forwarding rules are a simple and easy to maintain way of creating email addresses for a small business without the complexity or cost of maintaining an email server or service.

Catchall email addresses

A catchall email address is the email address you configure for your domain (e.g. that will receive any email to that domain that is not addressed to a valid email account or forwarding rule.  If somebody sends an email to [email protected] and it reaches Godaddy to find that there is no valid email address or forwarding rule associated with that address; then if we have setup [email protected] to be the catchall address, that incorrectly addressed email ([email protected]) will be sent to Frank.

Some domain registrars/hosts don’t support catchall email addresses because they believe it encourages spam.  The value of a catchall to many business owners, is that they know that any email sent to their domain will not be bounced, even if it is incorrectly addressed or misspelled.  Filtering spam might be a small price to pay for not losing customer emails.

At Godaddy the catchall address can be either a forwarding rule or a an actual mailbox.

Create and delete forwarding rules

In the Workspace Control Centre you will see a table of existing email forwarding rules – it will be empty if you don’t already have existing rules.  Along the top of this table you will see buttons to Create, Create Many and Create Forward.  The Create and Create Many buttons create email mailboxes for this domain (assuming you have these in your Godaddy plan).  The Create Forward button is what we will use to create the forwarding rules to our existing email addresses.

Create a forwarding rule

Click on the Create Forward button to see the wizard for creating a new forwarding rule.

  1. In the field named Forward this email address: , type in the email address that you want to create for your business.  This will be something like [email protected] (assuming that is a domain that you have registered with this Godaddy account)
  2. In the field named To these email addresses: type the email address that you wish to forward the new email address to, such as [email protected]  If you want Sally’s work email to forward to more than one address, then you can add other email addresses here, separated by commas.
  3. If you have multiple domains in this Godaddy account, then in the field Plan: select the plan that corresponds to this email domain.

Delete a forwarding rule

To delete a rule, hover over an existing email forwarding rule then click on the red delete button that appears to the right.  When a rule is deleted, emails addressed to the deleted email address (forwarding rule) will now go to the catchall account for this domain, if you have one configured.


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